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Cyber Security Internship Program

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<p>Cyber security has become an essential skill in this digital era as all day-to-day activity are connected to internet or through some form of computers.</p>


Get enrolled in this Online cyber security self paced internship program. Where you will get to learn about cyber security from scratch to intermediate.

This course will be a guide for anyone who is new to cyber security but wants to learn about cyber security as a career or for their job or for as extra knowledge. Furthermore, the sessions will be taken by experts of their perspective fields so you will be learning from masters.

You will learn about hackers and hacking, setting up cyber security VMs, networking, Linux basics, Foot printing, various cyber laws and policies that a cyber security professional should adhere to. All the aspects that a cyber security professional should know will be cleared.So use this opportunity as a steppingstone to your future endeavors in cyber security and its related fields.

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