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Cyber Security Internship

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Internship Duration : 1 Month

Learning Dashboard Access : 3 Months

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About the Program

Get enrolled in this Online cyber security self paced internship program. Where you will get to learn about cyber security from scratch to intermediate.
This internship program will be a guide for anyone who is new to cyber security but wants to learn about cyber security as a career or for their job or for as extra knowledge. Furthermore, the sessions is taken by experts of their perspective fields so you will be learning from masters.
You will learn about hackers and ethical hacking, setting up cyber security VMs, Networking, Linux Essentials, Scanning ,Foot printing, various cyber laws and policies that a cyber security professional should adhere to. All the aspects that a cyber security professional should know will be cleared.So use this opportunity as a steppingstone to your future endeavors in cyber security and its related fields.

What you’ll learn

In depth knowledge

You will get to know about various field of cyber security.

Hands on exposure

Along with the theoretical aspects , you will be able to gain practical knowledge.

Learn with the best

Learn from the masters of the art and clear you doubts from them.



Fireshark is leading group of experts in cyber security and has experts from a varied field of cyber security. You will get to learn from real world experts who are working on real scenarios. The concepts will be explained in depth and covers the whole concept


Additionally, you will be shown about the various theoretical aspects. They are explaining about the concepts by themselves so you can understand how the theoretical aspects works in the real world and how you can work with such technologies in future like an expert.


By the time you finish this internship you will be well versed in all the aspects of the cyber security. So, you will be no longer a newbie and does not have to be afraid to work with the technology.


No longer you have to afraid of job interviews in the field of cyber security and can answer any question with confidence. Become confident and be a person of knowledge as you will be learning from industry experts in Fireshark and conquer your dreams, make your dreams a reality.

Who can Enroll this Internship Trainings & Development Program

Anyone who wants to learn cyber security and wishes to have a career in cyber security or if you are preparing for any future certifications in cyber security and related field can attend this course to enhance their knowledge.

There is no prerequisite for this program course, a keen interest to learn about cyber security is good.


How do I sign up?

You need to create an account before taking a course. Click on 'Log in' button present on the top right of website home page, a popup for log in will open, click on 'Sign Up' button. Enter your Email Id, Password and Mobile No. to register for an account. (You may need to verify your Mobile Number by OTP and also confirm your email ID)

What is account limits?

Account limits will be 2 devices (One is for Web & One for Android Application)

What is the platform used for the internship?

The internship will take place in Fireshark app. You have to download the app and log in. Further details will be circulated in your registered email ID.

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What students are saying about us

"Fireshark is an outstanding platform for Cybersecurity education and training. They offer an outstanding internship program. The assignments and other task provided throughout the internship are really use for the beginners. I had an outstanding experience with them"

by Vamsi Chowdary

"It is very good for beginners and would love to recommend everyone for beginner to intermediate a lot of new things are be told in the sessions and got to connect some of the good"

by Bhavesh Khatri


Cybersecurity is a fast-growing, lucrative career field in which professionals can feel good about their work. While a bachelor's degree can give career seekers a leg up, certification offers credibility, real-world knowledge, and a valuable tool for securing and succeeding in cybersecurity jobs.


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Sunday : 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM IST

Lab Access 24x7

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